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Change to RRWT date frustrates Devlin man

Fans & Supporters of the Rainy River Walleye Tournament:
I am writing in regards to the Rainy River Walleye Tournament moving the tournament dates back 1 week.
In the past, there was talk about moving the dates and it was said by committee members that they could not move the dates because of the Pumpkin Festival. So, Mr. Dale LaBelle of LaBelle’s Birch Point camp decided to host a bass tournament and that would be the best weekend for the event as it did not interfere with any other fishing tournament.
Now what seemed to be a quick decision, the Rainy River Walleye Tournament is being moved to that same weekend as Mr. LaBelle's and the Pumpkin Festival. I am saying a quick decision because I talked to 2 (two) different people on the RRWT committee and they didn’t know about the change until it was done.
This now leaves a problem for a lot of people, which event do you support? My RRWT partner, Ray Ducharme and myself have fished this tournament for 3 years and have really enjoyed going there.
Last year I was also a bronze sponsor of the event. On the last day of the weigh-ins last year, at least 10 of our friends and family from out of town were there to spend money and support us.
I guess at the whole event, we probably spent around $2,000.00 during the weekend. I have talked to about 10 teams from the Fort Frances area who are going to be affected by this and I do believe it is going to hurt other tournaments somewhat.
In July, I host the “Castin’ for Cash” Bass Tournament and without fan support and volunteers you cannot have these events.
Two (2) tournaments on the same weekend in this area is going to hurt each other. Jody Shypit, myself and other fishermen have talked to members of the RRWT Committee about this and their answer is: “So what!...we have teams on the waiting list” (bad attitude)
If the committee would have talked to Mr. LaBelle about this earlier, he probably could have changed weekends, but not due to business commitments, it is not possible.
A simple phone call was all that was needed.
Yours truly
Bill Godin
Previous RRWT Supporter
Devlin, Ont.