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Man must not give up efforts to explore the final frontier

The final frontier...
That is what Gene Roddenbury, the creator of Star Trek, called space.
Since the middle of the last century man has reached for the stars and even walked on the moon. Hundreds of space flights have propelled modern day explorers to a place so vast that it makes our world seem miniscule.
Yet only 500 years ago man thought the world was a big place. A place where it seemed exploration would be limitless.
An entire new continent was discovered by brave men in fragile boats. Many of those men never came home and many of them did and went right back out to try and make a worldly discovery.
Had man given up in those early days of trans oceanic exploration much of the world as we know it today may not have existed.
We learned a great deal in the 20th century. Early on we learned to fly. Many were killed trying to accomplish that.

We learned to explore the depths of the oceans in submarines. Again many lost their lives.
Going to space seemed unattainable. But Man did it, and again there was lives lost.
While that price is a heavy one, it usually leads to improvements that make future attempts safer.
At this time we do not know what happened to the Space Shuttle Columbia, which was lost upon reentry on Saturday. We do know that we are all sad. Hopefully we can learn what happened and we can fix the problem and make the journey to space again.
We are truly only just beginning to make discoveries outside of our atmosphere. It would be a terrible shame to stop now and I am sure the seven astronauts on board Columbia would want us to continue.
As a young boy I dreamed of seeing Man journey beyond our solar system as I am sure so many who watched man walk on the moon did.
–Until then,