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Sorry for missing some of the news this week, but I am sick

As I write this I feel like a bucket of crap.
Last Wednesday I felt a slight tickle in my throat. By Friday afternoon, I was running a temperature that ran through that night.
In the mean time my throat was beginning to hurt more and more.
But by Saturday morning when the fever broke, I thought I had it beat. Little did I know but the worst was yet to come. The fever returned and I could barely swallow anything without experiencing excruciating pain.
By Sunday morning I was in need of help... I went to emergency. The folks there were as always very helpful and full of compassion.
Dr. Singleton figured I have strep throat and put me on antibiotics.

Needless to say today, Monday, has been a real trial, but Dr. S. did say things should level off by Tuesday.
Getting the paper out is always a daunting task. We brave all elements of the weather; even floods! But what do you do when one of your key staffers is gone or sick... well in my case it ment coming in sick to get things done, like I have a number of times in the past 15 years. If I did not come in, no one could have written the stories from my notes.
I must say though I had to miss three events that I would like to have covered. I missed the RR 100th Anniversary meeting and Bergland’s Pokerama on Saturday and the monthly meeting of council. To these groups I apologize and to you the reader I apologize.
But at least I got the paper out.
–Until then,