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March madness just around the corner, but without carnival

Finally starting to feel like I am better.
Thanks to my family for walking my dogs, making me homemade soup and stew all week.
Thanks to my friends for their calls of friendship while I was out of commission.
Thanks to my girl friend for listening to me whine while I was sick... I suppose there is nothing more feeble than a sick man.
Anyhow back in the swing of things again this week and it looks like March madness is not to far around the corner.
That is the time of year where it seems everything winter

in nature begins to wind down. There are hockey tournaments galore, hockey playoffs, fishing tournaments, figure skating shows, etc.
However I have heard that this year one thing will not be taking place that has been a tradition for so many decades.
There will be no RR Winter Carnival and no Winter Carnival Queen Race.
That is too bad. They have been going on for nearly 50 years and hopefully someone will step forward next year to revive the two traditions, especially as the town turns 100.
–Until then,