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Can’t believe what the town charged us

Dear Editor,
On Jan. 25th we had the misfortune to have a clog in our drain. I called the town hall (this happened to be on a Saturday) and I got Mr. Robert Jenson. He came and unclogged the drain with the snake they use. It took him all of 10 minutes to do it (15 at the most).
We received a bill from the town on Feb. 17th stating that we owed them $140.00. To say the least we were floored. How can the town justify this exorbitant amount for a 10 min. job? If you figure this it would amount to $840.00 an hour.
Who in this world makes that kind of money? Who thought up this amount in the first place.
I would not mind having to pay $50.00 or even $60.00 but this is ridiculous. So people of Rainy River better find a way to unclog their own drains, I know I am.
–Shirley Armstrong,
Rainy River