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A new meaning of getting one’s hands dirty

Getting my hands dirty doing a job took on a new meaning for me over the weekend.
My girlfriend started a new job which involves early morning hours and I decided to help her out and babysit her two kids.
The 8 year old is no problem and usually neither is the 15 month old.
However, Saturday morning I graduated from just the usual feeding, playing and watching babysitting to something I have never had to do before... THE DREADED DIAPER CHANGE!
My girlfriend told me it would be no big deal. He usually only has a pee overnight so he will likely be wet in the morning. I said, “Okay I can handle that!”
Well he was more than a little wet. His diaper had leaked and his pajamas were wet.
Well I battled through that, changing the diaper and some new clothes for the little guy.
About thirty minutes later the eight year old was sitting at the kitchen table while I cooked breakfast. She pointed behind me and informed me that the little guy had a problem. He had taken off his diaper and had peed on the carpet.
Immediately I was not sure what to do first... I was worried he might pee again. His clothes were full of pee, the diaper was in the middle of the kitchen floor, the carpet had

a big pee spot on it and the breakfast was cooking on the stove.
Afraid of him making another spot, I took him to the change table and discovered he had not only peed but had a number two... so much for him just being a little wet in the morning. So I cleaned him up and put another diaper on him and another set of clean clothes.
I gagged at the smell of the poop and having to deal with it. But I made it through it. Then I ran to the kitchen to see if breakfast had burned... luckily it had not.
About an hour later I caught him playing behind the t.v. trying to plug it back in after successfully unplugging it. I scolded at him and surprisingly he came to me quickly. I thought, “gee is he ever listening to me well.”
Once he was close to me it became very apparent to me why he was being so cooperative. He needed another diaper as he had had another number 2... this time a really big one. He was more than willing to have me clean up his messy butt.
I really gained a new sense of respect for what the girlfriend has to juggle each day over and above work.
Her 8 year old summed it up smartly when she said, “Now you know what it is like to be a mom!”
–Until then,