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Iraq has had more than enough chances

As the world sits on the brink of yet another war, the people sit divided as to whether it is necessary.
History tells us that dictators left unchecked can cause undue suffering on innocent people like the Jews of Germany or in this case the Kurdish people of northern Iraq.
While I never like war, it almost seems that the world really has no choice in this matter. Iraq has been making weapons of mass destruction; even if only of a lower grade.
The missiles found by weapons inspectors are in fact the “smoking gun” so many people have been crying for before invading Iraq.
The very fact that Saddam Hussein has produced these missiles in the past decade, a period when he was supposed to be fully disarming, shows how little regard he holds for world peace.
Add that to the fact that he has invaded Kuwait and used chemical weapons on his own citizens, shows that he is not to be trusted.
Deadlines for disarmament have been put in place before and last fall a final deadline was decreed. The United Nations resolution called for full and immediate disarmament. That decree was in fact a last chance decree from the world. Hussein has had more than a decade to disarm.
Given the chance, I believe Hussein would give biological or other weapons of mass destruction to terrorists to use against the free world. Prior to 9-11 we would likely have

not done much about that fact. However, 9-11 showed us that we can not take ocean for granted as a buffer that protects us from terrorists.
Hussein was known to have Anthrax and other dangerous goods that could very easily kill innocent free world citizens.
A new deadline, March 17th, has been issued. I think that Hussein has used up all his chances and is now on his honours. There should be no more chances.
Either he should step down and go into exile or open up his vaults of prohibited weapons and show the world that he is aggressively destroying them.
If not, then war is the only resort left. Once that happens you can bet that Hussein will break out the weapons and then the proof will be in the pudding.
–Until then,