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Moose are native to Canada

Dear Editor,
In your article on brainworm in moose, your source attributed the species as not being native to North America. The only area in North America, I am aware of that the Mighty Moose was set loose by man is Newfoundland. That occurred early in the last century. There have been attempted reintroductions into Northern Minnesota and Michigan which have largely failed because of the white-tailed deer population and the associated brainworm problem.
The white-tailed deer population is not native to this area, but has spread north and west from the south-eastern U.S. in concert with the settlement and clearing of the country by Europeans providing ideal “bush edge” habitat for the white-tails.
But no Mr. Editor, I’m afraid that neither Cartier or Champlain shipped them over from Europe, although the species is native to the boreal forest around the Northern Hemisphere. Shame on you Ken, this wasn’t even your April 1st edition.
On a further note however, the existence and origins of the Great Beaver, point more strongly to Rainy River.

Jack Elliott