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Hampton speaks for unincorporated ratepayers

Open Letter to Hon. Tony Clement
Dear Minister, I am writing this letter on behalf of Municipalities and Unincorporated Ratepayers across the Kenora & Rainy River Districts who are very frustrated and concerned because you have forced them to pay for your share of land ambulance delivery costs.
In the past municipalities have shown concern over the costs of downloading land ambulances onto municipalities especially in northern regions where great distances between communities drive up costs. Your government is not forwarding the portion of taxes you collect from residents of unorganized townships to cover your share of land ambulance costs. Instead you are forcing the property tax payers living in the organized municipalities to pay your government’s share of the costs.
Minister, this is unfair. You are not meeting the obligation you undertook to cover the cost of land ambulance delivery for unorganized townships. Mayors, Reeves and Town Clerks plead with your government to meet your obligations and pay your share of land ambulance costs. The District of Kenora Unincorporated Ratepayers Association plead with you to hand over the share of money you have already collected from Unincorporated Ratepayers to pay for land ambulance. I ask you to correct the unjust burden for this year and the previous two years that you placed on Municipalities for a service that should never have been downloaded on property taxes in the first place.
Sincerely, Howard Hampton, MPP
Kenora-Rainy River