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Great fun had at the Gasthaus!

Dear Editor,
It was a snowy, bitter cold evening as the guests assembled at the Gasthaus Restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal, fine conversation and thought provoking poetry reading.
At approximately 6:45 p.m. a young lady stumbled into the dining room, with a back wound. She died seconds later. The guests were in shock but quickly rallied to aid the detective in quizzing the suspects, gathering clues and tracking down the murderer.
A great evening was had at the Gasthaus which hosted Pequana Theatres Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.
The meal was exceptional, the actors and actresses hilarious (including Rainy Rivers’ own Lisa and Jeff Fraser and Sarah Newell) and the storyline though implausible, was great fun!
Hats off for such a satisfying evening!
Yours truly
Linda J. Beller
Sleeman, Ont