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Frustrated with local school

Dear Editor,
I wonder what is wrong with the school system in Rainy River District. It appears that either the local High School has a problem with my family, or the system is wrong. Numerous times I have been at the school to defend my children. This happened again last Friday with my daughter.
On March 26th both my daughter and my son made inappropriate comments on the school bus. A week later, my daughter was called to the office about the incident, as was my son. They admitted that they had made these comments. My daughter received a three day suspension, followed by 5 days off the school bus, while my son received only 5 days off the bus. Not only did my daughter receive the suspension and the bus penalty, she was barred from taking any further part in the “30hr Famine”. This after she had not eaten from the night before till 2.30 p.m. She then asked for her sponsorship money back, was denied that and promptly lost her temper. The Final straw was that she was not allowed on the bus to go home.
This is not the first time that my daughter has been singled out, while I admit she has a habit of speaking her mind, often what she says is right. In the past I have stated that I wished to appeal the decision from the Rainy River High School but I was told, and in writing, that I have that right, but the suspension or any other punishment would commence immediately. Please tell me where you serve a sentence before all appeals are exhausted?
Now I am being told that my daughter may not be allowed to return to school, who will make that decision and what are my remedies. My daughter tries to be a good student, she has passed all her credits and has also passed the grade 10 Ontario Literacy Test, but the problem is that even if the school readmits her, she no longer has any trust or faith in the school. Soon she will be 16 years old and I have no way of making her go to school. What happens then? The way she has been treated in Rainy River High School could ruin her life. Yes she can complete high school at home, but this removes the social interaction between students. Finishing High School at home, she would not be able to go to the prom, school dance and any other school activities. What happens now.
I suppose that the next step will be that my son will be penalized, because I spoke out, the school already blames my daughter for everything that happens. Yes she does speak out, but that is the way I was brought up and that is the way I have brought up my children. I do not want the High School to change my children, I want them to educate them.
Yours truly
Yvonne Gouliquer,