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Animals still running loose

Dear Editor,
I would like to expand on the topic that was written in the “Our View” section of the newspaper March 20, 2004 about the problem with local animal excrement.
This has been an on going battle with the town and pet owners for years. The town government continuously expresses that they are dealing with the problem. By-laws are passed, fees established if stray animals are captured, etc, etc. But we still continuously have animals running loose.
I’m not just talking about the dog owners but also to owners of the feline species. I myself don’t have a pet; why? Because I don’t want animal crap in my yard, is a good reason. The other reason is that I feel that it’s unfair for an animal to be in town limits and tied up 24/7. I have battled long enough with the stray animals in my area of the town. I even built a garbage bin to keep my cans off the ground and so the dogs don’t tip them over. But what happens as soon as the sun goes down? Pet owners open up their doors and let they’re family pet run free for the evening. I’ve witnessed it. TIE THEM UP, you do it during the day, why can’t you do it at night? Even with my new garbage bin, your pets still seem to think that my garbage can is their feeding dish.
There are a few pet owners that have the courtesy of picking up after their pets. But then there are those that let their dog lease stretch into my yard so their animal can help fertilize under my electricity meter. Well if a pet is a reflection of the owners, quit crapping in my yard. I’m not dropping my drawers and leaving you a gift on your lawn! You obviously don’t appreciate the feces in your yard; well I don’t like it in mine either.
I have a child who plays in the yard, like all parents you don’t want to see your child sick. What about the liability issues that may arise if a stray dog bites an individual?
The town is excited and getting ready for our 100th anniversary. We have a “beautification” group organizing beautiful flowers and the sort around town for the centennial. We’re proud of our 4008 old engine, Millie the Beaver and being the birthplace of football great Bronko Nagurski. We also have a beautiful park that used to have a wonderful beach volleyball area, but now it’s Rainy River’s biggest litter box. The citizens are fed up with stray animals. Let’s be proud of our town by making it a safe and clean town. To all pet owner’s, please clean up your act!!
–Jason Wilson,
Rainy River