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Is Man the cause of this strange weather?

I don’t know about you but I truly felt mortal last week, especially after
seeing the damage Mother Nature did in Morson early Tuesday and then later
in the day in Rainy River.
Growing up here I remember people saying that this area could get tornados
and often we were told that if there was ever a sign of severe weather to
head for the basement.
Several times I looked up at the sky in awe, watching clouds swirl around,
wondering if they were about to spiral down and turn our lives upside down.
But only once did I ever see a tornado come close to Rainy River and that
was several years ago when it ripped up a barn near Ken and Jackie Mason’s
place and then cut a swath through the trees.
I heard of a tornado that ripped up trees on islands on the lake, but never
have I seen such destruction as I did last week in Morson.
It makes me wonder if this potential has always been there or whether Man’s
insolence has made things worse over the past century.
As industry spreads across the globe and as the number of cars grow to
incredible numbers, the green house effect has become a buzz word around
water coolers and coffee shops alike.
We had several warm winters in a row, then a really harsh one with a lot
snow. Then we have had a summer full of severe storms.
No one I have spoken too was able to remember the weather ever being as bad
as it was last Tuesday.
Let us hope that it was indeed a fluke of Nature and that it does not become
more and more common.
In the mean time I think we should all try harder to cut down on pollution
and recycle as much as we can. After all this is not just our planet, but
our children’s and their children’s, etc.
–Until then,