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Thank you for the flashback

Letter to the Editor,
Thank you for providing a photograph of Rainy River High School’s teaching staff. It brought back many memories.
Your attributed date is slightly off the mark. In fact, the photograph reflects the staff as it was sometime between September 1967 and June 1969. As it happens, though, I still have a group photograph of the staff as it was in the 1963-1964 school year. Sometime in the next fortnight, I will scan and forward it to you.
Additionally, I will scan and forward photographs that I took in March 1966 — on the Saturday after the infamous “March 1966 Blizzard” had abated. As far as I am aware, and as selective as they are, those might be among the few remaining photographs of an event that paralyzed Rainy River for three or four days.
–Keith Bricknell,