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Do your part to help stop the spread of the flu bug


Oops! Forgot to cover my mouth as I sneezed.

Cold weather will not be the only thing bugging us!

Everywhere I went the past couple of weeks people were talking about... you guessed it.... “Those darn lady bugs!!!!”

What ever happened to fund raising?

Where should the line be drawn when it comes to what is in our schools?
Recently Rainy River High School received a brand new score board for its gymnasium at no cost to the school... well there was kind of a cost.

New government needs to address farm crisis in RR Dist. immediately

People voted for change last Thursday and for the sake of the farmers in this province let’s hope it was a good change.

Candidates will face many big challenges when elected

An election at every level in Rainy River. It has been many years since we had so many people running for local government.

Tearing at the very fabric that made this nation what it is


As if losing the terminal in Rainy River was not enough last week, the very company that helped weave the very fabric of this country from coast to coast decided to take the word Canadian out of its name.

What would CNR managers think if they were used as yo-yos?


Clarity is in the eye of the beholder.

We need someone who will deliver the goods


This week the blitz will begin.
The Ontario electorate will begin hearing the messages the parties have on how they would improve the province if elected or reelected.

Move to annex lake is likely money driven


Over the weekend a series of public meetings took place in the region to inform the public of the intentions of local municipal leaders to annex property on Lake of the Woods.

We must all do our part to conserve energy


We are in a an energy crisis but yet we continue to stick our heads in the sand.
In the early 1970s the world faced a severe shortage of oil. Last week the world held its breath as 50 million people lost their electricity.

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