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A bad case of sturgeon burn

Ken Johnston

I have never had a burn as bad as “Sturgeon Burn.”
Last Monday my buddy Jim Armstrong and I took his boat down the Rainy River a little ways to do some walleye fishing.

Thanks George! Its been a great run!

Ken Johnston

It took nearly 30 years but over the weekend I closed a chapter in my life that I have been interested in ever since 1977.
On Saturday I went and saw Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith.

Hooked on beer caps

Ken Johnston

With the U.S. season opener just passing and ours scheduled for this weekend, fishing fever is reaching thermometer popping levels.
For many fishermen, cold bottles of beer also go hand in hand with the experience; whether it is to batter the fish with before cooking or to drink while telling stories about the one that got away.

We sure appreciate Linda now!

Ken Johnston

This week has been a very trying week but if you are reading this it means we made it through the thick of it fairly unscathed.

Lumps of coal for your birthday!

Ken Johnston

My dad thought I was kidding when I told him he was getting a lump of coal for his birthday this past Sunday.
But the truth of the matter was he was getting a whole bunch of lumps of coal.

Thanks to all of you who thought of Odie

Ken Johnston

What a weather roller coaster we have been on the last week.
Last Monday it was in the 80s and we were all talking about a great and warm summer coming early. How quickly we forget that April is a transition month and that weather patterns often flutter back and forth from sub-wintry to sub-summer.

Two of my favourite guys are on the mend

Ken Johnston

It has been a very tough week.
It all started late last Sunday night when one of my dogs started vomiting and did not stop all night long.

Would a McDonald’s help Rainy River?

Ken Johnson

Big corporations like McDonald’s rarely make unsound moves and by setting up shop in Baudette they have sent a loud message to the world... “Baudette is a good place to invest.”

Trading electric decorations for Nature’s

Ken Johnston

Christmas in April?
Well I am sure that a few others than myself had their fill of taking down Christmas decorations over the weekend as the snow finally melted enough to let us get at them.

Treasure chest of history just down the road

ken Johnston

What an amazing place.
I am talking about the Manitou Mounds located just south east of Stratton.
A little over a decade ago I went for a walk with Economic Development Officer Dan Wright and someone from Rainy River First Nation. We drove into some gravel pits along Hwy. 11 and eventually ended up on the bank of the Rainy River.

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