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Ken's Korner

Politicians all sound the same

The spin-doctors for the party leaders in the upcoming federal election have done a great job for the leaders.

Until then!

Well I have finally made it "Until then!"
28 years ago this December 31st I began my career at the Record as Managing Editor. My very first story was covering the toll being removed from the international bridge!
Almost every week since then I have written Ken's Korner.
Sometimes it has an editorial edge to it, but for the most part it has been about life in general... mostly my life.
Every week I signed off with "Until then, Ken" not ever knowing when "Until then" would be. Well now I know... it is this Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.

Need more time for cleaning vehicles!

Over the weekend I finally had some time to wash our vehicles inside and outside! Most of the summer I have had my handheld vacuum cleaner in the trunk of my car, thinking every weekend I would have time to get the job done. Read more...

Still not a normal week

Over the past several weeks life has been anything but normal here at the Record Office. Read more...

The big day and many thanks!

Wow! Where do I start? First off I have to say thank you from Kim and I to all who attended our big day on July 23rd! We were overwhelmed by all the family and friends who came and had a great time at Norway Beach Recreation Area! It was a very emotional day, with many tears of joy shed! Read more...

So blessed by Kim's love

This Saturday will be the biggest day in my life! My best friend, partner, fiancee, and my rock, and I will exchange vows. Read more...

Grandson becomes an instant hero!

Have you ever locked your keys in the car? Well over the weekend we were camping with our daughter and grandkids. Saturday afternoon, our almost 3 year old granddaughter decided she wanted to lay dow and take a nap. Read more...

Graduatin is hard on a diet!

Graduation is extremely hard on a diet! With our big day about six weeks away, we have both been trying hard to lose weight. However, we did not foresee an activity that takes place at this time of the year as a threat to our efforts.... GRADUATION! Read more...

Prepared to cope in stressful situations

Five years ago Kim and I were not sure how our son, Riley, would survive in high school. He has Aspergers Syndrome and has a hard time in large crowds and does not pick up social ques from others. A teacher in Bemidji came up with a special program for autistic kids and Riley took to it pretty well. Read more...

Big bridge party is in order!

The construction of a new international bridge here is exciting news! And while it has been talked about for nearly a decade, it is almost a reality! When the first bridge opened 10,000 people were said to have attended the gala ceremonies opening it! Read more...


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