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Politicians all sound the same


The spin-doctors for the party leaders in the upcoming federal election have done a great job for the leaders.

Camping season has begun!

Summer officially began for my family over the weekend! We took our first camping trip of the summer season and were truly blessed with good weather!

I have seen the inside of someone's head!

I can truly say I have looked inside someone's head! Last Thursday we took our son to see specialists in Grand Forks for a number of tests.

Only you can prevent wildfires!

"Only you can prevent wildfires!" That slogan has been used by Smokey the Bear for generations and I remember Smokey and game wardens coming to our school as a kid to preach the practise of being s

Birthday, yard work and visiting

I do not think we could have crammed more into a weekend than we did this past one!

Not as easy as they look!

Those Do It Yourself television programs sure make fixing up your house look easy.

Pets play such a big part of our lives

If you have a pet you know how big a role they play in our lives and how hard it is to see them sick or injured.

Rockin the 80s all over again!

As a teenager growing up in the 1980s I was big into popular music. I always had a boom-box (portable stereo) and bought many many cassette tapes and eventually compact discs.

The other magical holiday!

As a kid I think other than Christmas Easter was the most exciting holiday of the year!

Spring-like weather and springing forward

For the first time in years the Spring forward time change actually coincided with spring-like weather!

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