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Area schools competing in healthy living contest

by Ken Johnston

Several area elementary schools are "Springing into Action" as part of a contest to promote healthy lifestyle alternatives to drug use.

Sponsored by the Rainy River Healthy Communities Coalition and the Rainy River District Substance Abuse Prevention Team, grade school classrooms from grades 6-8, have been competing for a cash prize to be used for either the purchase of sports equipment or a field trip.

Greg Wilson's grade 7 and 8 class at Riverview School in Rainy River were busy chalking up points last week. Points were awarded for every healthy living activity they did as a class and bonus points were given if parents, other teachers and principals were convinced to join in.

Last Wednesday his class convinced just about the entire school and many parents to participate in a fifteen minute walk/run around the track. Principal Terry Ogden, who is also principal of McCrosson-Tovell School, was in Bergland that afternoon but did a fifteen minute walk and drank some juice there. He had someone take photos to prove he did it so Riverview could get the bonus points.

All participants were also encouraged to drink or eat something healthy after the exercise.

As another part of the contest competing classrooms have to make a banner along with the theme of the contest. Wilson's 33 students used a Jamaican theme and the slogan "We be livin' healthy".

The class also has to do an oral presentation explaining their banner and activities. Wilson's class is working on a music video of a song they produced. The video will be their presentation.

Judging will take place next Monday.