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Manure spreader purchased by RRSCIA

News Release

The Rainy River Soil and Crop Improvement Association is pleased to announce that it has purchased a new manure spreader to add to its fleet of rental equipment and that it is available for rent immediately.
President Scott McNabb of Stratton stated that this acquisition is in keeping with the RRSCIA mandate of providing service to the RRSCIA membership and to the agricultural community of the Rainy River District.
The rental fees for the manure spreader are $ 200 per day and a membership in the RRSCIA is required. Prepaid block rentals are encouraged.
This new piece of machinery, the land roller and all other equipment available for rent through RRSCIA, is housed at Sunrise Equipment and Service, Barwick, ON.
For equipment rentals, contact Harry Steiner at Sunrise Equipment and Service, 807-487-2620. For all other inquiries dealing with RRSCIA contact President Scott McNabb or Secretary Dick Trivers.
On behalf of RRSCIA, President McNabb wishes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Ted Zimmerman and Harry Steiner.