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Riverview School honoured for getting better grades

By Ken Johnston

Riverview School was given a certificate in Recognition of Excellence last Tuesday.
The accolade was to mark the improvement the school has seen in its Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) test results over the past few years.
Riverview Principal Lucinda Meyers told the school board, who was meeting in Rainy River last Tuesday, that test scores took a nose dive a few years ago. “As a staff we met to try and figure out how they went from 80% to 7%. We had open and honest discussions and teachers felt they had been helping kids too much.” So they stopped the spoon-feeding and adopted a philosophy to instill in the students. It is called, “You can do it.”
Part of their School Improvement Plan, Meyers said, “We focused on changing teacher practises. It has been quite a journey and we feel the students have benefited from the experience.”
EQAO results have had a marked improvement for the school.
Grade 3
Reading-2009/10 was 7%. In 2011/12 it was 43%.
Writing-2009/10 was 14%. In 2011/12 it was 57%.
Math-2009/10 was 36%. In 2011/12 it was 43%.
Grade 6
Writing-2009/10 was 46%. In 2011/12 it was 75%.
“We have gone from 7% to 43% and while it is not at standard, we have come along way,” said Meyers. “There have been lots of gains but we still have a lot of work to do. We have proven that changes in teacher practises work and we are going to keep at it.”
Director of Education, Heather Campbell said, “Congratulations! I commend you on what you have achieved and we know you still have work to do.”