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Locum House needs some volunteers to do some staining

News Release
RR Health Com.

Progress on The Rainy River Locum Rental House project is coming along well.
Electrical and heating is nearing completion. Insulation is in and drywalling is underway. Windows and doors will go in shortly and exterior siding will then be completed.
One of the ‘donations in kind’ that is underway is the staining and sealing of the pine siding. This is being headed up by Archie Wiersema using the front of the Rainy River Municipal garage.
The siding has been delivered there and is laid out to receive the several applications of stain and sealant, by a number of volunteers. To date about half of the siding has been done.
If you would like to help with this portion of the project, give Archie a call at 852-3363 to arrange a time. Dig out those old painting cloths and lend a hand. The goal is to complete the staining by week’s end with the final push on for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 15-17.
On the fund raising side as of November 11, just over $179,000.00 has been donated or pledged by individuals and organizations from the area and indeed, across the continent.