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Town gets money to redo water lines and pave First Street

By Ken Johnston

Monday evening Rainy River Town Council held its regular monthly meeting short the Mayor (Deb Ewald) and a councillor (Susan Carpenter).
However, they did manage to get quite a bit of business done, despite being short-handed.
Councillor Ashley Stamler was called upon by Acting Mayor Larry Armstrong to give a borrowing bylaw first reading.
It was a bylaw to allow the Town of Rainy River to borrow up to and not to exceed $300,000 from CIBC. It is used only when necessary to carry the town over until tax revenues begin to come in.
It was passed 2-0.
Council also approved several motions brought forth by the Personnel Committee:
•To give each full time town staff member a $50 gift certificate as a Christmas Gift.
•The Recreation Board, Fire Dept. and the Library Board each will receive $150 to hold holiday parties.
•Town Clerk Veldron Vogan's vacation request for three days off from Dec. 12-14, 2012, was approved.
•Mike Scott's will see one week of his vacation time from 2012 carried over to 2013.
Other business
•Clerk Vogan announced to council that the town has been approved for one of three projects it applied for under the Canadian Infrastructure Fund. While it was council's third choice on its application, it will see the town replace the aged water line on First Street and repave the street.
"They are 50¢ dollars and I am hoping that we can use the town crew to do the work as a good part of our portion," said Vogan.
•Council hired James Berg to paint the dental suite at the RR Clinic at a cost of $1,000 plus taxes.
•Henry Schein was also hired to recover a dental chair at a cost of $1,400 plus taxes.
•The town will advertise in a 2013 Vacation Guide at a cost of $278 plus taxes.
•Susan Carpenter was appointed Deputy Mayor for 2013 to act as mayor when Deb Ewald is absent.
•Council hired Hatch Mott MacDonald to study the stale water and weed problems around the Government Dock at Hannam Park at a cost of $12,500 plus taxes.
•Council will support efforts by the Town of Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls to oppose the closure of provincial parks in Northern Ontario.
Special Meeting
Council recently held a special meeting to deal with three items.
New Deputy Clerk
Council appointed Julie Tiboni as its new Deputy Clerk Treasurer on a one year contract.
New Equipment
The town passed a motion to purchase a new T590 Bobcat Track Loader at a cost of $44,504.19 plus applicable taxes.
Council said the current Bobcat is nearing the end of its expected life. Public Works Chair Larry Armstrong said, "They are rated for 4,000 hours of service. We are at 3900+."
Protecting Pensions
Council passed a resolution as requested at its last monthly meeting to protect private pension plans and to combat elder abuse.
The request came from retired Fort Frances mill workers concerned about the future of their pension plans.