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NWOSTA gets bigger

News Release

In August 2012 The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club (OFSC) Board of Governors and approved the reassignment of Thunder Bay Adventure Trails from OFSC District 16 to OFSC District 17 known as the North Western Ontario Snowmobile Trails Association (NWOSTA).
NWOSTA is comprised of eight snowmobile clubs which include Atikokan Sno-Ho, Ignace Otters, Ojibway Power Toboggan (Sioux Lookout), Dryden Power Toboggan, Red Lake Trailmasters (Red Lake, Balmertown, Ear Falls area), Sunset Trail Riders (Kenora) and Emo Borderland (Fort Frances, Emo, Rainy River, Nestor Falls area) and Thunder Bay Adventure Trails. One member from each club is a director for NWOSTA and they work together to promote safe and enjoyable snowmobile trails for their members.
The Thunder Bay Adventure Trails is comprised of a small group of volunteers that work diligently year round maintaining over 200 km of trails which cover an incredibly diverse landscape and though they are challenged with more mileage and fewer volunteers than southern snowmobile clubs of the OFSC, they continue to produce a first class snowmobiling experience. Work continues to reestablish a connection between Thunder Bay and Kakabeka Falls as well as other trail development
projects and club membership initiatives. Please contact Thunder Bay Adventure Trails at if you are interested in helping out in any way from trail brushing and signage to marketing and meeting with landowners and other stakeholders.
North Western Ontario is a hidden jewel in the north when it comes to snowmobiling and trail riding. Easily accessible, only two hours from Winnipeg, five hours from Minneapolis and starts at Kakabeka Falls, we offer over 2800 km of groomed trails. North Western Ontario’s NWOSTA trail system offers top level riding experiences for riders of any skill level. There are long stretches of lake trails next to hidden bays full of powder that has never seen a sled. For the nature seekers, there are kilometers of trails winding through the bush where you may see a bald eagle, timber wolf, deer, bobcat or other wildlife. Snowmobilers can ride for several days and complete a 1000 kilometer circle trip. With the low population density you may ride all day and hardly see another sled.
There are also several “must see” things along the NWOSTA circle tour, such as the White Otter castle near Atikokan, the scenic lookout over the lake beside Sioux Lookout, thrill hills on the pipeline near Kenora, and various rapids and water falls along the trail near Sioux Narrows.
Riders from Thunder Bay and area can access the OFSC trail system from Kakabeka Falls and explore the A Top Trail to the Manitoba border traveling through Atikokan, Ignace, Sioux Lookout,
Dryden and Kenora. Avid riders can explore the new trail to the Ear Falls & Red Lake touring region or venture south through Nestor Falls, Emo and Fort Frances. Many clubs have events starting
January 26th through to March, come for a ride; participate in a poker derby or Snowarama
Enjoy your ride!