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Still lots of tickets left for Alzheimer dinner this Saturday

By Ken Johnston

This Saturday, January 26th will be a special day in Rainy River. It is the day that the community comes together to raise money for the Kenora-Rainy River Alzheimer’s Society.
“A Dinner to Remember” has been extremely popular the past several years with tickets completely selling out the last five years. However, this year ticket sales have been sluggish. Organizers are hoping that changes this week. As of Monday only about half the tickets had been sold. They are available at the Rainy River Record Office and from Marlene McNally.
“Usually by this time we only have 10 or 15 tickets left. I think people may have thought they are too late to get some, but we have more than 50 at the office,” said Ken Johnston, Dinner Committee Chair.
This is the sixth year the fund-raiser is being called The Linda Johnston Memorial Alzheimer Dinner to Remember. Linda passed away five summers ago after a battle with cancer. She was instrumental in organizing the previous Dinner’s To Remember and other Alzheimer Fund-raising events in Rainy River. This is the ninth annual dinner.
Again this year, as in years past, her family and friends have been busy organizing the event and will be working it.
Linda’s husband, Chef “Uncle” Bob Johnston, has promised that his “secret” roast beef recipe that has earned the event a reputation of excellence the past eight years, will again please everyone’s taste buds.
In addition to the roast beef dinner and all the trimmings, there will be a penny table which also sold out the last five years. Volunteer, and long time event supporter, Marlene McNally, is busy getting all the donated items together for it. Anyone wishing to add an item can drop it off at the Rainy River Record office at 312 3rd St. during normal business hours.

A total of 100 dine-in tickets and 20 to go/delivery tickets were printed. To date about half the dine in tickets have been sold, but no one has signed up for to go or home delivery meals. If they are not reserved by Wednesday (at 5 p.m.) of this week those tickets will be added to the dine-in tickets. To reserve a delivery or to go meal call the Record at 852-3366 during normal business hours.

Long time volunteers Tom and Bonne Irvine will be delivering them that evening.

The dinner is being held in the Rainy River Legion Hall. The doors will open around 4:30 p.m. for the Penny Table. Anyone can participate in the penny table. Dinner will be served at 5 p.m. and all raffle draws will be made after supper. Last year, the event raised nearly $2,957!
In a further effort to show appreciation for Linda’s work, the Kenora-Rainy River Alzheimer Society created a bursary, for students entering the medical field to work with Alzheimer Patients, in her honour four years ago. All money donated towards the bursary goes towards it and the donations are tax deductible.
The annual Chairs for Charity raffle is back this year! There are several chairs being drawn for this year. Local artists, Vivian Locking and Patti Diebel both donated their time painting the chairs.
With great food, plenty of prizes to be won and a great cause to support, the committee encourages you to get your dinner tickets now!