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Candle-light ski planned at Zippel Bay State Park

News Release

The Candle Light Ski event planned for this Saturday evening, January 26, is on! A trail of about 1.5 miles in length, has been groomed for skiing and snowshoeing, and will be lighted by luminaries. There is no cost to attend.
Past events have been very well attended, and participants can expect to find warm food and warmer company. There is no official start time for the event, but activity starts to pick up once the sun goes down, and the full moon rises above the trees. To join the fun, just show up at the residence building, behind the contact station, at the entrance to the park.
If you can’t take part in the Candle-Light Ski, you can still enjoy the skiing opportunities at Zippel Bay until the snow melts. The trails are typically groomed weekly, or whenever there has been a significant snow fall. Trail condition reports can be viewed, or submitted, on the web at HYPERLINK “”
To maximize enjoyment of the trails for all users, please remember that motorized vehicles are not allowed on ski trails. Snowshoeing is allowed on the trails, but please stay off of the classic tracks when snowshoeing.