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Full day kindergarten starting a all Catholic schools

News Release

After a three year implementation process, The Northwest Catholic School Board is proud to offer the full day Junior and Senior Kindergarten program across all its Catholic Schools in the system with outstanding Teachers and Early Childhood Educators. The Board is also offering before and after school programs in partnership with each of our communities. Board Chair Anne-Marie Fitzgerald states that, “We use a faith based approach and Gospel values curriculum that builds student character and leadership for life”.
Margot Saari, Superintendent of Education, says that, “As part of the Board’s priorities, our Catholic schools have newly renovated kindergarten classrooms that are enhanced by Smart Boards and computer technology. We offer breakfast and hot lunch programs, plus Religious Education and Family Life Programs, Physical Education, Music, Arts, French and Native Language.” Amy LaFroy, Catholicity Coordinator stated that, “Through a Faith Based Curriculum, children can experience academic success, life skills and faith formation. In Catholic schools we also offer sacramental preparation so that we connect to our faith community: home, school and parish.” Chris Howarth, Superintendent of Business, states that, “Our new facilities at St. Joseph’s, St. Michael’s and most recently Sacred Heart Schools help to make the learning environment very positive for students.”
Director of Education, Mary-Catherine Kelly, states that, “Choosing a Catholic school is a step to building your child’s future. We accept and welcome children of all faith denominations.” Our Catholic school principals encourage our community members to visit the local Catholic schools to experience what Catholic Education has to offer. “Early registration supports the planning process of the Catholic School Board regarding staffing and facilities preparations for the next school year”, states Chris Howarth, Superintendent of Business.
“We look forward to seeing families attend the registration days at all of our Catholic Schools”, states Chair Fitzgerald.
School Registration will take place February 4th to 8th, 2013 and will continue throughout the school year.