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RRDSB revises extra-curricular sports program

Rainy River District School Board revises process for the provision of extra-curricular activities during exceptional circumstances The Rainy River District School Board recognizes the importance of extra-curricular activities and is finalizing a process to provide these services to Secondary level students.
In December 2012, as with many other school boards across the province, the Rainy River District School Board notified parents and community members regarding a temporary suspension of extra-curricular activities.
These activities can only operate safely and reasonably with appropriate leadership and supervision. Subsequent developments at the provincial level between the government and teacher unions prompted the Board to investigate options to the temporary suspension.
Parent and community volunteers have offered to provide support, and school leadership has reviewed activities and available volunteer resources to reestablish some sports programs on a modified level. The Rainy River District School Board remains in communication with other regional school boards to align the provision of these activities. Progress is also being made within the School Board to reinstate as many extra-curricular sports and clubs as possible.
“The School Board has established additional processes to govern the use of volunteers during exceptional circumstances,” said Heather Campbell, Director of Education. “Our primary concern is student safety, and activities are only offered in environments where appropriate supervision and student safety can be ensured. We deeply appreciate the contributions of staff, parents and community members who volunteer their time to support these activities, which promote student achievement and well-being. We also recognize the difficulty of the current situation.”
The renewal of extra-curricular activities on a modified basis began on January 26, 2013 with a boys’ hockey game and a boys’ basketball game. A girls’ hockey game is scheduled for January 29, 2013, and tentative dates have been scheduled for volleyball and basketball. Other extracurricular activities are also being considered for implementation.