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Alzheimer Penny Table Winners

Winners from the Alzheimer's Dinner Penny Table were: Box of laundry soap - Bruce Hanson; ice cream maker, eggies, xmas lights - Lee Kloer; emergency kit - Anne Mailloux; coffee mug, blanket, briefcase - Kirsten Armstrong; fishing rod, bank, frog, candle - Linda Russell; glasses, candle hooks, scarf - Ruth Bynkoski; weather station, mug, candle - Neil Kaus; puzzle plaque, wardrobe deal, laces, splint, hair net - Joan Aikenhead; book, toy, gloves - Chandler Pearson; puzzle, gel pack, doilies, hat - Jennette Cross; calculator, cards, cookbook assortment - Andre Bremault; mug, key ring, two pillow, hat - Alice Bremault; kitchen asst. 2 cookbooks, novilities - Rose Hanson; spa set, ds case, cookbook - Riley Brown; twist, gloves, water blade, disposable grill - Neil Kaus; painting, gift card - Donna Ivall; bag holder, fishing reel, gloves, hot pads, gift cert. - Andre Bremault; first aid kit, napkin holder - Theresa Sharp; desk top valet, asst - Bob Armstrong; mp3 player, painting - Gill Stamler; beer mugs, coasters, cookbook - Bruce Hanson; pyrex set, hot pads - Karen Antonson; gloves, ear muffs, ho-ho sign - Geraldine Blight; musical lamp, wallet, slippers - Veronica Brown; real fur fur bear, cert. - Maggie McComb; quilt, cookbook - Krista Brusven; platter, bulbs - Marlene McNally; double find book, brush set, night light, shirt, bikini - Buddy Hannam; wind chime, hat, oil change - Jackie Wood; assortment basket - Sara Gall; knives, hat scarf - Donna Ivall; juicer, cookbook - Pam Pearson; tool kit, smoke alarm, coffee mug - Tom O'Connor; afghan- Ruth Halverson; towel holder, blender - Harry Arnould; blanket, picture frame, bar - Krista Brusven; smoke alarm, mug set, cookie cutters - Dawn Drennan; bathroom basket - Andre Bremault; fire truck, smoke alarm - Linda Russell; scarf, coffee press, coffee - Arthur Selman; bracelet, mitts - Rick Peterson; snuggle blanket, smoke alarm - Cam Hanson; gift cert. popcorn set - Winnie Berard; record sub, 2 mugs, coffee - Bob Armstrong; teddy bear, lotion, hair gift cert.
- Chandler Pearson; doll, booties - Maureen Downs; book, bathroom basket - Florence Newman; cordless cutters, boat shelf - Wilma Armstrong; painting, tote bag - Dawn Drennan; glasses, wallet set - Audrey Paulson; hoodie, book - Mary Michniewich; cookbooks, salad bowl & plates - Dawn Drennan; spa set, foot care cert - Anne Mailloux; cheese slicer, lazy susan - Wayne Barron; glasses, coaster, book, Marilyn Olson; Canadian Tire gift card, shampoo, brush set - Gregg Armistead; pliers, light fixture - Gail Yeryk; plaque, puzzle, cookbook - Fran Faragher; gift card, cookbook - Buddy Hannam; Safeway gift card, frying pan, cookbook - Maureen Downs; baby blanket, booties - Monique Langlais; avon assortment - Rick Kearney; spider man 3 movie, blanket - Rick Kearney; avon basket - Bob Armstrong; fleece shirt, hat, mitts, fountain - Tom O'Connor.
Door Prize - Steve Yeryk Blue Jay Rocking Chair - Gregg Armistead Chickadee Chair - Marilyn McAllister Potty Chair - Holly Hanson Blue birds and ribbons Cradle & Rocking Chair - Andre Bremault Knitted Quilt - Marilyn Hansen Quilt - Alice Bremault