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Campbell calls on government to save ELA in Kenora

News Release
Sarah Campbell, MPP

(Queen’s Park) Sarah Campbell, MPP Kenora-Rainy River, is calling upon the Provincial Government to take meaningful action to prevent the closure of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

in her riding.
With the Federal Government set to eliminate funding to the world-renowned research facility at the end of March, Campbell says the Province of Ontario has tools at its disposal to prevent the closure, but as of yet has failed to act.
“Despite assurances from the Ontario’s Minister of the Environment this past Spring that this government was opposed to the closure, other than co-authoring a letter this government has failed to act,” said Campbell during an afternoon statement in Queen’s Park February 21. “This, despite having the power to prevent the closure by enforcing a bi-lateral agreement signed with the federal government, which requires all 58 lakes to be fully rehabilitated if the site is to be closed.”
By enforcing the agreement, Campbell said the Provincial Government could force the Government of Canada to keep the site open, rather than incur the more than $50 million living of to its end of the bargain would cost.
“Speaker, this is a very worthwhile facility that needs to remain open and this provincial government has the power and influence to see that it happens. The best part is that this will not cost the Ontario government one cent,” she stated.
As a result she is asking the Provincial Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment to act to prevent the unnecessary and reckless closure of this valuable resource.
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