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A "Eureka" moment!

Have you ever had a sudden brilliant idea that you feel should be patented and could make you rich?
I have had several of those moments in life. Often I think of something that would be ingenious and likely make me rich and change the world, only to forget what it was later on.
Well a couple of weeks ago I was doing laundry when I had a 'Eureka" moment.
I remember my mom always complaining that she had to turn our t-shirts right-side-out before folding them. Like so many other people, when I take my t-shirt off it gets turned inside-out and tossed into the laundry hamper.
Then it goes into the wash and is hung out to dry.
Well I was turning my shirts back the right-side-out when it hit me. What if t-shirts were designed with the logo on the front on the outside and the same logo were put on the back but on the inside. Of course tags would have to be left off, collars could not dip in the front and seams would have be sewn in a way that they looked the same when the shirt is inside-out or right-side-out.
So when a person takes it off it would not have to be turned right-side-out. It could just be worn as is. The next time it is removed the other side would be on the front!
I even thought of a name for it.. "Flip-side Tees!"
Not sure if it is a workable idea... but it is funny how the human brain solves problems.
I wonder what the next "Eureka" moment will be for me?

–Until then,