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The mad scramble!

Anyone who works in this industry knows that production day is always a hectic day.
It is the day of the week that all of the work from the previous several days comes together to make a newspaper.... that is if you did the work the previous several days!
Monday I arrived back fresh from a much needed vacation. However, it was like catching a plane mid-flight. I was not involved in boarding the plane or take-off!
My coworkers, Anne Mailloux and Dawn Drennan did a spectacular job covering events while I was gone with a little help from some of you who submitted various photos and information.
But when I came in on Monday I felt like I was blind. Being out of the loop sucks!
So we had a coffee meeting Monday morning so I could try and catch up on things.
Then I realized that the Rainy River Open Golf tourney is this coming Sunday and hoped that I could catch organizer Bob McGreevy for a quick interview before he headed out for the day. I got lucky!
Then I contacted the Fort Frances Times staff to see if they could send us some stories that might be of interest to you, our readers this week.
By 10:30 a.m. the mad scramble began to settle back into a normal routine as pieces of this week's puzzle began falling into place.
Vacations are always nice, but getting back into the routine of things sometimes is a bit stressful.
Thanks again to my coworkers for holding down the fort while I was gone.

–Until then,