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A casual bird watcher

Are you a casual bird watcher like me?
For years I have enjoyed watching the birds at the feeders when I am at my fiancee's place in Bemidji.
This past weekend I noticed that there were quite a few humming birds around. They are so incredible to watch... they dart in and out sight so fast it is a wonder we get to see them at all.
I found it interesting that they preferred to feed on the flowers in the yard over the hummingbird feeder. But I guess that is the way us humans are as well... always prefer fresh tasty food over something processed.
There are also several blue jays that have decided to make themselves at home at Kim's. I haven't physically counted them, but I'd say there are close to 10 of them.
They can be heard more often than seen sounding the alarm bells for the chipmunk that is filling his cheeks from the bird feeders. The alarm is because of our dogs who are very determined to catch the chipmunk. They have bagged three already this summer!
When I returned on Monday I was talking with a neighbour about how many hummingbirds and jays we have had down there. He has feeders out in his yard and said he has yet to see a jay this year. Could be they stopped their trek north at Bemidji... maybe we should stop feeding them there so they will come here and put on a show for us.

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