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Turned three shades of brown and green!

Have you ever found yourself in a compromising position that there is just no way out of?
Well I was in one of those Saturday afternoon.
My best friend, Jim Armstrong, and my neighbour Mike Mosher and my Uncle Bob Johnston were replacing shingles on the north side of my very steep roof.
We began working off scaffolding early in the day stripping old shingles off and then putting new ones up so far before installing roof jacks. Roof jacks allow workers to work on a steep surface with a flat surface under their feet.
However, where we installed them was just a little short of what we needed to be able to stand up and put the last few rows of shingles on the roof.
So we decided to lay down on the job.
We worked on our bellies, hands fully extended above our heads. I held the shingle he used the air nailer.
Then all of a sudden Jim passed gas. There was no escape and needless to say it was one of the worst farts I ever smelled.
I gagged and choked and then said to him "You know Jim you and I have been in many crappy situations over the years but this one 'ranks' in the top ten!"
I think I turned three shades of brown and green from it!
I owe all of them a debt of gratitude for helping me, even if Jim nearly blew the roof off the place!
Now we have to find one more weekend to do the south side as Mother Nature rained on us Sunday. I will just have to remember not to let Jim eat pork and beans the night before!

–Until then,