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RR area is a tourist destination

Rainy River received some really great attention last week!
On Wednesday a trio of cyclists kicked-off their 12 day fund-raising drive for The Right To Play Foundation from Rainy River!
The Always Yonge-Right to Play ride will take 12 days and will hopefully raise $25,000 for the charity. The cyclists came from Toronto, promoting their cause by using the world's longest street, Yonge St.
Of course we like to claim it begins here and ends in Toronto and I think the trio beginning their trek here is proof of that!
Another group came here on Friday. Students from Migisi Sahgaigan (Eagle Lake) School, near Dryden, travelled to our community on a field trip.
They came here to go on a bird watching tour with Michael Dawber (RR Library) and Justin Wagner (RR Rec. Centre) and also visited the 4008 and Railway Museum.
It seems strange to see outsiders coming here to take advantage of tourist attractions, but that has been the goal of all the efforts to promote our community!
As I kid I saw the tourists pass through our town... the idea of them stopping here never occurred to me back then... but now it feels good!
Rainy River's neighbours also have a lot to offer. The mounds at Manitou were also on Migisi Sahgaigan's list of places to visit as was the Barwick Museum!
This could be the beginning of a new trend!
–Until then, Ken