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Maybe the crowded wanted both to win

What a finish at the RRWT on Sunday!
It could not have been much closer than it was.
While it was a heartbreaker for Kirk Wood and Jon O'Connor, it was redemption for Dave and Darren Armstrong who came oh so close 13 years ago when they were disqualified for coming in 12 minutes late.
After day 1 I found myself wondering how the crowd on day 2 would decide who to root for. After all, just about all the top five teams from day 1 were local people and only one of them had won the derby before.
Joe Bonhomme and Jim Hall were also part of that equation, even though they were not top five on day 1.
They had a strong day 1 and even stronger day 2 to emerge as the team to beat by the top five.
The crowd seemed deflated for an instant when they were bumped off the stage by Dave and Darren.
Then as each of the next top four teams came in, the crowd held onto the edge of their seats. Dave and Darren held on right until the last team.
Wood and O'Connor had the strongest day 1 of the 90 teams and both teams are locals.
As their weight was announced it seemed like everyone was holding their breath. People seemed saddened for a moment when it was confirmed that Wood and O'Connor had lost by such a narrow margin, but then became charged with elation that Dave and Darren had finally won!
It was as though everyone wanted both teams to win, and for a moment when the weigh master hesitated to announce their final weight, I thought maybe there was a tie.
It was sure nice to see so many local teams vying for the top spot. It shows that you don't have to be a pro to win it all!
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