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Cursive writing going the way of the dinosaurs

What? You can't read my writing?
While those of us with messy cursive handwriting have likely heard that many times over our lives, soon it will more common than we think.
Many schools in the United States have stopped teaching cursive handwriting to kids.
I guess the thinking is that people tend to do very little handwriting anymore. They send their messages in electronic mail, texts or instant messaging via some form of keyboard. And I am no exception to that rule. I can not remember the last time I penned a letter by hand.
When we were kids we learned to print first then cursive later. We were told cursive was faster than printing. However, for the person having to read it, cursive could end up being a longer read, especially if it was illegible.
This week one of our last columnists to give up cursive sent their report by e-mail for the first time. We only have one columnist left doing it in cursive. When I started here almost 25 years ago almost all columns were hand written or produced on a typewriter.
Cursive writing appears to be going the way of the dinosaur and soon you will have be a scholar to just read some of histories most famous documents.
–Until then,