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Remebrance Day should be a holiday

Our neighbours to the west (Manitoba) have it right.
Remembrance Day should be a holiday for all citizens.
When I was a kid I remember the debate about whether it should be a holiday centering around whether or not the day off would lose its meaning.
Arguments were that kids would get the day off and not take time to remember those who gave their all.
Some said that when it fell on a weekend people would treat it as a long weekend and go away with little regard for Remembrance Day.
Personally I think that it should be a day set a aside with no work in honour of those who fought for our freedoms.
Had the oppressive forces that our soldiers defeated won, what would this world look like? Would kids been free to play? Would families be free to get away for the weekend? Would we be free to choose where we work?
Even if people do not stop and take the time to Remember on Nov. 11th, the freedoms they choose to partake in are a tribute to what the troops fought for.
–Until then, Ken