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Awestruck by CT Scanning technology

Having grown up with photography being a big part of my life both personally and in business, I had a really cool experience on Friday.
When I started using a camera everything was film and chemical based.
As a kid I learned from local photographer and teacher René Hogue about taking photos. He also taught me how to develop film and make photos in the darkroom. It was awe inspiring! I never thought I would be as amazed as I was with seeing my first print appear in the developer chemical as a kid.
But on Friday I had to take my step-son for a CT Scan.
We had to sit for two hours in anticipation while he had to drink water laced with a contrast dye.
Finally they took him to the CT Scanner. I was allowed to go in with him and see the equipment. I only had to leave the room for about 5 minutes while they did the actual scan.
Riley, who has Aspergers Syndrome, is super curious about everything science. He asked the technician if he could see the image from the scan. I was right there when it popped up on the screen. I was again in awe!
We could see all his lower body organs as plain as day. Absolutely mind-blowing what technology can do and there were very few chemicals other than the dye involved!
Hopefully this amazing machine will shed some light on why Riley has been experiencing severe lower back pain. We will know soon enough!
–Until then,