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Protect family time

Black Friday.... it used to be the "DAY" that made US merchants go into the black for the year.
For years it was the Friday after American Thanksgiving. Super door buster deals would see people line up in the wee hours of the morning at their favourite stores, hoping they would be lucky enough to get a steal of a deal on an item.
Then a few years ago the major retailers in the US decided to stretch the DAY out. They first began opening at early morning hours, like 5 a.m. Then it was midnight and last year 10 p.m. the DAY before.
This year some retailers opened at 5 p.m. on the DAY before Black Friday.
It seems nothing is sacred anymore. In the name of making the most profit or beating a competitor to the customer, retailers threw out a sacred tradition in the US, Thanksgiving, and made employees work and attempted to take a bite out of family time on Thanksgiving.
Many retailers also started offering super Pre-Black Friday deals on line a week earlier. All of the sales referenced "Black Friday" but did not occur on Friday.
Sales figures showed actual Friday numbers were down, but with Thursday's numbers they were up. I think they need to return to just the Friday sales and leave holidays alone.
But the way it is going you can almost see what is next.... Boxing Day will soon begin Christmas morning and even the week before on line.
Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are special family times. Times where we get together and forget about the worries of everyday life and just enjoy each other. I think it is high time that governments make it illegal for business to be conducted on them.
–Until then, Ken