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Judi Helgeson has all your mending needs "All Sew" n up!

By Ken Johnston

Need a zipper fixed in your coat? A button sewn on? Something embroidered? Well then you should check out All Sew in Rainy River!
Owner and Operator, Judi Helgeson, opened her doors on December 7, 2013, in the former E & J Unique Variety store (two doors down from the Legion).
Helgeson and her husband Brent both worked for Manitoba Hydro but have retired. They lived in northern Manitoba in Gillam. After retiring they began looking for a home closer to family. Last year they found a house in Rainy River that fit their bill!
Their new home at the corner of Fifth St. and Mill Avenue, was perfect for the couple and is close to two of Judi’s three sons. Dusty Kreger lives in Rainy River, Jeff Kreger is in Stratton and her other son, John Kreger is in Thunder Bay. “We are close to them and grand kids!” said Helgeson.
Helgeson has always sewn. While living in Gillam she noticed there was no where to get things fixed, like zippers or alterations made. So she started doing it on the side.
When she came to Rainy River she had seven sewing machines in tow, including two commercial machines and a very expensive computer driven embroidery machine.
However, their new home in RR was not big enough for her to open a sewing business. “My husband Brent said ‘We need to buy you a business!”
In addition to making alterations and repairs to items, she also can do elaborate embroidering on just about anything fabric. “I have done curling jackets, baseball uniforms, hats, hoodies, and much more. All you have to do is bring in what you want on it and I digitize it on the computer and then can put it on anything fabric.”
Helgeson also sells sewing and craft supplies for all ages. She says she tries to keep her prices as low as possible and will do special orders on things like a wanted fabric. “When I find a deal I pass the savings on to my customers.”
She hopes to also offer workshops on sewing, quilting, knitting, etc. “I am open for suggestions on just about everything at the business.”
People who quilt or do other artistic work can also put their items on sale in her store on consignment.
When she is not busy mending or altering items for customers she is often on the lookout for a good idea of something to sew for people to buy. “I recently noticed that blaze orange clothing for kids is very expensive at places like Cabela’s. So I made some and sell it much cheaper!”
Helgeson said the business gives her something to do and allows her to help people out. Something she says she likes. “We are very community minded!”
All Sew is open Tuesday to Saturday from Noon to 5 p.m.