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RR ball diamond project moves into 3rd place with almost 1,500 votes!

By Ken Johnston

This time last week the Rainy River appeal to access Tbaytel For Good community grants to fix the local baseball diamond facilities was at about 1,000 votes; up nearly 800 over the week before.
Yesterday the voting had slowed in pace from the previous week, but was nearly to 1,500! Good enough for third place among ten projects!
Ideas are accepted until March 7, 2014 and voting runs until Mar. 14, 2014.
A person can vote once a day per email address they have. To vote go to
The top six ideas will be chosen by judges and voting counts for 30% of the final decision. Of the top six five will get $2,000 and one will get $5,000 for their projects.
So log on and help a local cause today !