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Abattoir offers new cull cow prices

Submitted by
Kim Jo Bliss

The Rainy River Regional Abattoir Board has been working on a way to get producers more money for their cull cows.
They are pleased to announce that they think they have something that will keep you as a producer happy as well as our Thunder Bay buyer.

Cull cows will now be graded and we will be paid by grade. It works out to this:
D1 - $1.60
D2 - $1.55
D3 - $1.30
D1 – well muscled cow
D2 – well muscled but a litter darker yellow fat
D3 – lacking the muscle (deficient in muscle)
D4 - fat cow – fat is over 1”

This puts this more in line with current market prices.

The abattoir is looking for cull cows for next week – so please get in touch with them as soon as possible.