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Water lines freezing up: Town asks public to leave taps running

By Ken Johnston

With the severely cold temperatures lately and most of the winter, the Town of Rainy River is asking people to leave their tap running.
With 2013-14 going down in the record books as one of the coldest winters on record, frost lines are going down further than normal. On Sunday the residents of Riverview Manor in Rainy River awoke to find their apartments without water as the line to the building had frozen.
Town crew members worked diligently to install a temporary water line from a hydrant on the 100 block of Third St. to the building.
Communities including Fort Frances and Atikokan have reported many homeowners with frozen water lines.
To avoid any further freeze ups the Town of Rainy River put out a request Monday that residents leave their cold water running a trickle in one of their sinks. The rule of thumb is running no more than the width of a pencil.