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Province taken to task over exorbitant hydro bills

News Release
Sarah Campbell, MPP

In the provincial legislature Sarah Campbell, MPP Kenora-Rainy River called on the Minister of Energy to show some respect for the hard-working people of this province by reining in out-of-control rates and making hydro bills affordable.
Campbell, irritated by the Minister’s unsympathetic position that high hydro bills are just a fact of life, went on to denounced his claim that this government is taking very significant steps to allow people to better control their consumption and other factors that have an impact on their rates. She argued that it “…just isn’t cutting it…because it was recently revealed that since 2007 this government has increased off-peak rates by 140% while increasing peak rates by 48%, thereby drastically diminishing the gap and therefore consumers’ ability to achieve savings”.
She opposed further, stating that just recently in December, “…the Minister of Energy released this (Liberal) government’s latest Long-Term Energy Plan for the province, where it was revealed that the average family’s hydro bill will be raised by 42% over the next five years.”
Refusing his claims that economic factors, such as inflation are to blame the MPP pointed to what she has determined to be a clear mismanagement of the file. Campbell stated, “This government has made it so that it is literally impossible to receive an affordable bill for this essential service.”