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Community Garden gearing up to use green thumbs again!

By Ken Johnston

Warmer temperatures over the weekend likely had more than one person thinking about the upcoming gardening season!
The Rainy River Community Garden Committee held its first meeting of the season a few weeks ago and are eagerly looking forward to another great season!
Krista Anderson of the Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU), said, “We are just waiting on the weather!” Then the community garden can get going.
Right now they have reached out to all previous uses of the 12 in ground garden plots and the four raised bed gardens to give them first dibbs on using a plot again this year. “Many have indicated they will be back, and we are waiting to hear from a few,” said Anderson.
If anyone decides not to return there will be plots available for newcomers. “Anyone interested should contact us at the health unit and get on the waiting list,” said Anderson last week. She said that while it was fully used last year, there are no plans to expand the garden at this time.
Community gardeners may plant whatever they like and are responsible for doing so and also for weeding, watering, etc.
In addition to the plots, there is a tool shed full of gardening equipment they can all access. “There are rakes, trowels, watering cans, etc,” said Anderson. “Once they pay their $30/summer fee they get a key to the shed.”
Anderson said that there are many benefits to gardening. The obvious is the freshly grown vegetables. She said that there is also the exercise gardeners get and the social aspects of getting involved in a community activity.
A giant compost bin is also at the RR Community Garden site. Anderson said while some understand it and have been using it, others have indicated they want to learn. So she is hoping they can offer some lessons and get more doing composting. “They will then reap the benefits of good fertilizer!”
Community Garden is perfect for those who do not have space in their yard or live in an apartment. The raised beds are good for those who have difficulty bending down to the ground.
To get on the waiting list call the NWHU weekdays at 852-3268 or stop into their location at the corner of Fourth St. and Hwy. 11 in Rainy River.