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Unplanned interuptions

If you operate on punctual deadlines like we do in the newspaper business, you know that unplanned interruptions can be dismal to your schedule.
Every Monday we have a fairly strict schedule of the way things have to happen to get the paper put to bed at a decent time.
Dawn works diligently in our front office to get all the extra type-setting that came in a the last minute. She also keys in classified ads and deals with phone calls and walk-in business. Often she deflects access to myself and Anne so that we can get our time sensitive tasks done.
Anne is busy completing all the advertisements for this week's paper and I am either writing or editing photos for the paper.
When I have an event like the high school play I shoot many, many photos. I have a process that I use to pick out the best ones to publish. It involves opening every single one of them and editing the ones I think might make the final cut.
However, yesterday we had an unplanned interruption that impeded progress all morning and into the afternoon. The power kept flicking off and on. When you are right in the middle of the said tasks, starting over sucks.
But when you have done this type of work for a long time one other thing that is important, besides no interuptions... having patience and the will to get back up when you are knocked down.

–Until then,