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Rain and wind will cause higher water levels

June 12, 2014
Heavy rainfall occurred yesterday and is forecast for the remainder of today across most areas of the Winnipeg River basin. High water conditions exist in almost all areas of the basin already, and additional rainfall will increase levels further. Large lakes such as Lac Seul and Lake of the Woods may also experience locally higher levels due to wind and wave action.
The Lake of the Woods Control Board is monitoring conditions closely and attempting to balance high water conditions above and below its principal control points, the dams at the outlets of Lac Seul and Lake of the Woods. At Lake of the Woods, outflow from the Kenora dams was ordered increased yesterday, to 91% of the outflow capacity of the dams at the present lake level. This increase in outflow will result in rising Winnipeg River levels. At Lac Seul, the diversion that flows from Lake St Joseph will be closed on Monday, June 16th, reducing inflow to Lac Seul by approximately 15% of today’s rate. Further outflow increases from both lakes are likely as a result of this rain event.
The Board advises waterfront property interests to take precautions against rising water levels throughout the basin. Water levels will remain high until a prolonged period of dry weather occurs.
Those with shorefront property on these water bodies are encouraged to keep abreast of conditions by visiting the Board’s web site at or by listening to its recorded message at 1-800-661-5922 ex 1.