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River begins receding, people breath a little easier

By Ken Johnston

People in Rainy River are breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning.
Water levels on the Rainy River at the Town of Rainy River actually went down about three inches overnight. A receding of a few inches may not sound like much, but it is much better than going up.
Water levels were predicted to crest at the Town of Rainy River today, but a bit earlier is a good thing! Water levels upstream began falling at Manitou Rapids yesterday around lunch. Last Friday they were 19 ft. and yesterday they were just below 22 ft. at lunch time and then began to fall.
Television crews from two different networks were in town the past couple of days and media from all across the region. CBC interviewed RR resident Vaughn Murray who said the town has to wait it out.
That is exactly what everyone is doing now... waiting for the water to go by. Rain is forecasted for the next several days, but it is hoped that it will be a shower here and there; not steady like last weekend.
If conditions begin to worsen and help is needed the town will notify the Record and we will post it on our Facebook page.