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Rob has so many valid points

Letter to the editor,
I felt it necessary to clarify that I was not pointing fingers at Rob in my letter to the Record. I deliberately used the term “generally speaking” to make it clear that that is exactly what I meant. Rob being a relative newcomer to the area, I felt that he would not know the history involved with attempting to introduce birding as an attraction to the area.
Rob has made many valid points about the ways of things in Rainy River. I’m personally involved in the injustice involved regarding the procedure the Town uses to determine commercial property taxes. Yet no one else seems to have any concerns about the commercial taxes, if you judge it by the response or lack of it from others when the letters regarding this topic were printed. I was very disappointed that not more than one person had any input when many people are very adversely affected by it. Do people just give up and put up with whatever is dealt to them?
As I discussed lack of effort on the part of some people, a conversation I witnessed while still living in Rainy River came to mind. After watching the yearly Christmas parade, a person who resided at one of our local apartment residences was loudly making comments to others about the parade. She commented on how small and quiet the parade was and that it was dangerous because of this. Small children were in danger of falling beneath the wheels because they couldn’t hear it coming. I immediately thought about the people who had made a great effort to produce the parade. The local businesses were dying, the the community was feeling the effects from it and volunteers were sparse. Yet we still had a beautiful parade.
This person appeared very healthy so I suggested that perhaps her and others who felt this way could be more involved the next year so the parade could be bigger and safer. I was hoping that this was an isolated way of viewing things or our community is in trouble by this type of attitude.
Over the years, after having lived in most provinces of Canada, Rainy River is at the top of my list of wonderful places to live. When I return to Rainy River, I fully intend to put my money where my mouth is, and help make a difference in the community.

Monica Pigeon (Nelson),
Fort McMurray, AB.