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Easter is upon us

By Pastor Gord Armstrong
RR Ministerial

Happy Easter Everyone! We will celebrate this day on April 8, just a short 12 days away. So, do you ever wonder just why we celebrate Easter? What is so significant about that day? We pull out our best spring outfits, shine our shoes, get a new do-o (hair cut and set) boy do we put on the dog. Then looking our best we venture off to church.

Most injuries are preventable

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

The average farm is full of machinery and devices that can grab, cut, smash, and entangle fingers, hands, toes, and feet causing injury to the extremities and even death. The sad truth is that most of these injuries can be avoided.

Spring, a season of hope and renewal

The gulls are back!
That squawking sound that has disappeared from the border area for almost five months returned last week and with the arrival on the calendar of the spring equinox, it clearly marks the arrival of spring.

Some frequently asked questions about cabbage

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

1. Cabbage seems to be susceptible to many diseases. Is this true?
Yellow or fusarium wilt is a relatively common disease that causes the leaves of plants to wilt and die. The first sign of the disease is yellowing and browning of the lower leaves. The plants are also stunted before wilting occurs. Fortunately science has resulted in modern hybrids that have tolerance or resistance to this disease bred into them. It is usually stated on the seed packet if the variety you choose is resistant to wilt.

Vimy Ridge-honour the Legacy

Submitted by
Ken Boshcoff M.P.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge marked a profound turning point in the First World War. For many, it was the birth of a Canadian identity. This however, was achieved at a high cost with 10,602 Canadian casualties, including 3,598 courageous soldiers who lost their lives.

Family curling night Mar. 26

By Kendall Olsen

Riverview School Council will be hosting a Family Curling Night on Monday March 26, 2007. Students and their families are welcome to participate in this event whether they have ever curled before or not. In fact this event would be a great way to

The Quaking Aspen

By Al Lowe

Some of you may not recognize the name, although you would surely recognize the tree. Try these names instead - Poplar, Trembling Aspen, Asp, White Poplar, Aspen Poplar. These are all common names for the same tree. The scientific name is Populus tremuloides.

Food safety a must!

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

With media and public interest high around food safety issues, it is important that everyone along the food continuum – from field to fork – take responsibility for food safety to minimize risks to public health and maintain the integrity of Ontario’s agri-food industry. In the past few months I have been getting questions around the legal slaughtering of meat so that it can be sold. Following is a summary of information under the Meat Inspection Act.

Provincial election is coming

By Howard Hampton
MPP Kenora-RR
This year, Ontario will have its very first fixed-date provincial election. Voters will go to the polls to elect their MPPs on October 10th. If you didn’t know that before this month, you probably do now thanks to the constant stream of McGuinty government and Progressive Conservative party advertising on your TV.

A great woman

In the past week, I have learned a great deal about my Aunt, Georgina Cumming. She died last Tuesday from Cancer, a disease that she had successfully held off for 29 years.
She was the older of my father’s two sisters, and to her two nephews and niece, she was always the perfectly dressed lady. On her annual treks back to Fort Frances, she would always make time for the three of us. To us, she often appeared aloof and very reserved. Yet we knew that she took great pride in us and followed our life streams of growing up, marrying, having children and then following her next generation of niece and nephews.


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