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4–H club members learn to make hot fudge

By Maria Vandenbrand
Club Reporter

Another week of Explore 4-H and the club is having lots of fun making hot fudge and berry sundaes and sewing hems and buttons.
Even though this week ran late, half of the club had fun by making hot fudge by melting chocolate chips and mixing in corn syrup, butter, water, salt and vanilla. While they cooked, the other half of the group sewed hems and learned to attach buttons properly. Later, the groups switched and the second group made berry syrup by mixing thawed berries with corn starch, sugar, water and lemon juice.

Tricking your veggie garden to think it is spring

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Will spring 2004 ever arrive? Many gardeners are still wondering this and are anxiously waiting to start gardening. While many of us dream of having our very own greenhouse, the reality is that most gardeners do not have a greenhouse or even a cold-frame. Although there are some great new kits and small greenhouses that are made affordable to the homeowner, many of us will never have our own greenhouse. But don’t despair, there are some products on the market that we can use to push the season and mimic the growing conditions of a greenhouse, cold-frame or even warm weather.

Kyoto fear mongering continues

Submitted by
Ken Boshcoff M.P.

On April 19th, Federal Environment Minister John Baird released a study by Environment Canada that claims meeting our Kyoto obligations would cause a massive recession. The report forecasts the loss of 275,000 Canadian jobs, a rise in gasoline prices to $1.60 per litre, a fifty percent increase in electricity costs, and the doubling of natural gas prices.

I will fight for NWO jobs

By Howard Hampton
MPP Kenora-RR

Dryden, Ont. - NDP Leader Howard Hampton says now is the time for Northerners to join together to fight for Northern jobs and Northern communities.
“Dalton McGuinty has abandoned Northern Ontario. His high-priced energy policies and his support for Stephen Harper’s softwood sell-out have killed jobs, staggered industry and pushed entire communities to the brink,” Hampton said.

The Sharp-tailed Grouse

By Al Lowe

In Northern Ontario, we have three grouse, the Ruffed, the Spruce, and this one, the Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus). It is often (wrongly) called prairie chicken, but that is an entirely different bird.

A horse grooming course

Submitted by
Gary Sliworsky

Following is the latest Horse News and Views which is prepared by Dr. Bob Wright, Animal Health and Welfare, OMAFRA, in cooperation with the staff and researchers of the University of Guelph.

The going green debate

I watched a news clip on CBC last evening, in which a person concerned about the environment talked about the steps that he was taking to reduce his impact on the environment. The focus talked about the initiatives that individuals could take in their homes and their daily lives to help Canada meet its Kyoto targets.

The full meal deal

By Darlene Smith
Rainy River Ministerial

I saw Jesus at a gate at the eastern edge of town when I was praying for Rainy River. I was longing with all my heart for Him to feel welcome and come through the gate into our town.

Kick bars help prevent worker injuries

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Following from last week’s article here is the last of a 3 part series on handling facilities from Harold K. House, Dairy and Beef Housing and Equipment Engineer with OMAFRA.

Morson Women’s Institute seeking new members

By Rosemary Laevens

Carol Pratt, President of Morson W.I., has returned from her winter in Texas. Carol and Rosemary Laevens will hostess the April W.I. meeting at the Morson Hall, April 26, at l p.m. All members and those wishing to become members are urged to attend.


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